Info for 2006 MVTCA JV Open


Below are links to all of the information you should need for the MVTCA JV Open coming up on Sat Sept 23rd, 2006. You will also receive hard copies of these files at the tournament site.  There is not a rain date for this event.  There are two flights, w/ 8 teams in each. 


Be at your site by 8:15 with 5 cans of new balls

Bring Dry rollers in case of rain during the day or the night before.

A $35 invoice is also linked below and will be supplied at the tourney for you to turn in for payment.

5 flights: 3 singles, 2 doubles – no substitutions allowed.

Coaches’ meeting at 8:30 to complete draw, play will follow.

All matches are 8 game pro-sets.

In case of bad weather, we will decide what to do at each site the day of the match.

Feel free to call me 371-2235, the morning of for info if needed. 



Below each list of sites is a web link to a map in case you need directions.


At Centerville HS: SOUTH DIVISION: Springboro, Miamisburg, Bellbrook, Beavercreek, Alter, Middletown, Fairmont and Centerville,+oh&ie=UTF8&om=0&ll=39.626515,-84.148149&spn=0.020824,0.066605


At Judge Arthur O' Fisher Park: NORTH DIVISION: Sidney Lehman, Carroll, Oakwood, Milton Union, CJ,

Kenton Ridge, Brookville, and Troy,+oh&ie=UTF8&ll=39.737158,-84.272346&spn=0.020791,0.066605&om=0





Welcome Letter



Coaches’ Membership

Line-up Card




Scott A. Long

Centerville High School

Mathematics' Teacher

Boy's & Girl's Tennis Coach

MVTCA, President

OTCA, VP Boy's Tennis