Info for 2007 MVTCA Girls’ Scrimmage


Email me back ASAP to let me know you received this and all is fine for you and

your team for the scrimmage.  Otherwise I will start making calls to those I have not heard from on Wed.


Hello all - Hope your summer is going well.  Below and attached on three files,

you will have all of the information you should need for the MVTCA Scrimmage coming up in less than two weeks, Monday, Aug. 13th.  There are three flights, 1 w/ 8 teams, 1 w/ 7, and 1 w/ 4.


Don't forget to be at your site by 8:15 with 5 cans of new balls

In case of bad weather, we will decide what to do at each site the day of the match.

Feel free to call me the morning of for info if needed.  I will be at the Fairmont site.


Below each list of sites is a web link to a map in case you need directions.


At Centerville HS: MVS, Miamisburg, CJ, Beavercreek, Oakwood, Troy, Fairmont and Centerville

Map to Centerville HS


At Fairmont HS: Beavercreek B, Brookville, Carlisle, and Centervile B

Map to Fairmont HS


At Troy Community Park: CJ B, Troy Christian, Dixie, Middletown, Kenton Ridge, Lehman, Troy B,

and Milton Union

Map to Troy Community Park


Just to make sure everyone is clear:


-There are 5 flights; 1st, 2nd, 3rd Singles and 1st, 2nd Doubles

--Each match is an 8-game pro-set w/ no-ad scoring unless weather looks bad we will abbreviate it

---You may move girls around after each round is finished as long as you do not "stack"

----You may bring more than 7 girls to accomplish the above also

-----Each school will play 3 matches in each flight


Hope all goes well and you all learn a lot from the day!




Scott A. Long

Centerville High School

Mathematics' Teacher

Boy's & Girl's Tennis Coach

MVTCA, President

OTCA, VP Boy's Tennis