Miami Valley Tennis Coaches’ Association

MVTCA                                                                                                                      President: Scott Long

1485 Delynn Drive                                                                                                       VP Boys: Dave Hartsock

Centerville, Ohio 45459                                                                                                VP Girls: Jim Brooks

937.436.0710                                                                                                              Secretary: Eric Lenski                                                                                   Treasurer: Brenna Bretscher


Minutes: Oct 18, 2005


The Fall MVTCA meeting was called to order by President Scott Long at 7:00pm, on Tuesday, October 18, 2005, at Fairmont High School.


-Scott Long welcomed everyone and had new coaches introduce themselves.


-Congratulations were extended to all the State Qualifiers from our area:

            Division 1: Singles- Shyma Ramalingam, Christie Pleiman, and Kayla Tuscany.

                              Doubles- Katie Pleiman, Emily Buerschen.

            Division 2: Singles- Kelsey Haviland

Doubles: Cara Wald, Kristin Cobb, Stephanie Issacs, and Tammi Issacs

Also, Oakwood and CJ had their teams advance to the State Team Tournament



-Congratulations were also given to those teams who finished in the final State Poll of the season. Oakwood finished 1st in division 2, while in Division 1, CJ was 9th, and Beavercreek 13th.


-Congratulations were given to those teams who won area conference titles this season:

            SWBL: (Buckeye) Waynesville, (Southwest) Oakwood

            GWOC: (East) Beavercreek, (West) Troy

            MML: (South and Overall) Fenwick, (North) Miamisburg

            GGCL: Alter

            SOPL: Stivers



-Special thanks was given to Dave Hartsock form Oakwood who took on the task of compiling the Area Polls this year.




- Minutes from the fall – there was one correction in that Michelle DaCosta was

found to not be eligible yet for the Hall of Fame. The 5-year waiting period has not passed yet. She will be eligible next year. Motion was made to accept the minutes with this correction, and seconded. Motion was approved.


-Treasury Report – Brenna  stated that we currently have $5295.06 in the

account. She and Scott are still collecting dues and entry fees from tournaments. Coaches are urged to help this process along by talking to your AD’s and make sure they are sending the checks to the association. Brenna also described how she went about giving parents the donation letter, as did Pippy. The donations from parents are crucial to our association staying sound financially.


- Dues- Scott and Brenna are still collecting. A list was passed around showing who still owed for the 05 Boy’s Season. If you think you have paid, Scott urged you to talk to him.


-Phone List- the green information cards passed out tonight will be used to update the phone list. This is an on-going task so that an updated directory can be sent to the coaches. These cards will also be used for attendance at this meeting.


-Wilson Trust: Pippy explained the background of the Wilson Trust. A sheet outlining this award was passed out to everyone.


-Raffle Items for Awards night- Bang Tsao donated 2 entertainment books to the raffle. Dale Bowman has contacted South Regency and they would like to be involved in donating something. Dick’s has also donated. Pippy said that she would handle getting a racquet from an area club. Scott has a letter to use stating the purpose of the raffle and describing our organization if anyone needed one to approach a business about getting a donation.


-All players selected to 1st Team, coach of the Year, and President’s Award should get their photos for the newspaper to Charlie Painter ASAP. This has been a problem in the past. Charlie explained how the boy’s did not have theirs in the paper due to the fact that  not everyone turned in a photo in a timely manner. Coaches should take the responsibility in getting these, and not pass it off to parents, etc. Charlie would like all pictures by next Tuesday, October 25.


-The OTCA gold and Silver Racquet awards were explained and forms passed out to those who have eligible candidates.


-Constitution: Scott is in the process of working with Sharon Paul and Pippy on this in preparation for the winter meeting.




-MVTCA Varsity Girls Tournament- An idea was presented that involved changing the Fall Varsity Girls Tournament to a scrimmage so that it would not count towards our 20-match limit. Scott checked into this and basically the format can stay the same, we just can not give awards out, and there is not declared winner. It was mentioned that the Boy’s already do this. Concerns were brought up about this having to be an earlier date as the girls have only one week of practice allowed before they start play. Another question was can the lineups be changed from match to match. Continuous coaching was another issued raised. Would there be a time limit was a question. After much discussion, a motion was made by Vin Romeo to change the format to a scrimmage, where lineups can be changed, continuous coaching is allowed, and the date would be Monday, August 14, 2005. John Kuhns seconded the motion. The motion was passed by a 20-6 vote.


-The MVTCA JV Girls Tournament will remain the same.


-Super Sectional- It was discussed about looking into creating Super Sectionals for the Dayton area, much like they do in basketball. Dave Hartsock stated that it would be a more true and fair seeding for our District if this occurred. This would entail the Troy and Dayton Sectionals combining and allowing teams to pick where they play. More details will come at the winter meeting. Any changes like this will have to be approved by a majority of the schools (coaches, principals, and AD’s) in both sectionals, and then proposed to the Southwest District Board.


-Hall of Fame: The Hall Of Fame committee discussed two candidates for the Hall of Fame, Kristi Spangenberg and Beth Herr form Centerville. It was determined that Beth Herr would be inducted at the Girls Awards night.


-Retirements: Those retiring include:

Pippy Booth (Sidney Lehman)- served as President of the MVTCA for 15 years, coached girls for 17 seasons, and boys for 16 seasons.

Bang Tsao (Beavercreek) has retired from the boys team he has lead for 5 years, and is considering doing the same for the girls.


Open Remarks: Scott reminded everyone of the OTCA website, at OTCA.US and stated that there is plan to develop a website for the MVTCA.


-Scott passed out a list of upcoming dates of interest. Most notably, the Fall Awards Program will be held on November 15, at 7:00pm at Fairmont.


-Criteria for voting for All-Area was quickly reviewed.


-It was announced that the officers would be meeting after the voting meetings. Anyone who wanted to stay were welcomed.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:24pm, and coaches dispersed to voting rooms.


Attending were:

Scott Long, Centerville               Brenna Bretscher, Miami Valley           

Eric Lenski, Miamisburg            Vin Romeo, Miami Valley

Dave Hartsock, Oakwood          Pippy Booth, Lehman

Tim Voegeli, Fairmont               John Kuhns, Butler

Wes Rodenberg, Tippecanoe      Ted Dooley, Stivers

Beth Raber, Cath. Cent.                        Bang-Hung Tsao, Beavercreek

Lance Erickson, Bellbrook         Tom Kishpaugh, Carlisle

Katie Green, Greenon                Charlie Painter, Alter

Marianna Wright, Brookville       Brian Jones, Centerville

Jim Brooks, CJ                          Mary Joseph, Fenwick

Jim Veith, Middletown               Christi Hall, Northmont

Susan Cunningham, Trotwood    Chris Heider, Carroll

Dale Bowman, Waynesville       Jane Warren, Northeastern

Kristy Sherman, Lehman           Sherri Bennett, Kenton Ridge

Sharon Paul, Milton Union        Steve Gingrich, Dixie