Miami Valley Tennis Coaches’ Association

1485 Delynn Drive                                                                                                                                               President: Scott Long

Centerville, Ohio 45459                                                                                                                                       VP Boys: Dave Hartsock

937.436.0710                                                                                                                                                          VP Girls: Jim Brooks                                                                                                                      Secretary: Eric Lenski

                                                                                                                                                                                Treasurer: Brenna Bretscher


Dear Tennis Coaches,

I would like to thank you for participating in this year’s MVTCA Boy’s JV Open.  I am supplying you with a packet of information pertaining to the way the tournament will be run, and other general information.


·    Coaches meeting will be at 8:30 am., on Sat. Apr. 28, play will begin directly following the draw.  The draw will consist of  each coach selecting a “pill” or card for their order of placing their player on the draw, lines A thru H.  There will be a redraw of cards for order of placement for all five flights.


·    All matches will consist of one 8-game "pro set," with a 12-point tie breaker at 8-8.  Each player will play 3 matches throughout the tournament and each player's performance will count towards the team's outcome.


·    Awards will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place individuals of all five divisions, along with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team awards. 


·    Team standings will be calculated by each participant’s standing in each division.  Points for the participant’s standing will be as follows:

1st place……..  10                    2nd place……..   8        3rd place……..   7         4th place……..   6

5th place……..   5                     6th place……..   4        7th place……..   3        8th place……..   2


   Tie-breaks will be determined by: Level 1: Total victories head-to-head in all five flights between schools tied; If still tied, Level 2: Main draw only, head-to-head victories in all five flights between schools tied; If still tied, then it remains a tie and we will hold onto the lower place trophy and have a new one made and present at the banquet.


·    I have included a copy of the brackets that we will use for each of the five divisons, also are invoices for the dues of $15.00 per Varsity Coach per season to join the MVTCA (Remember: Dues must be paid on or before “Voting Night” for Varsity Players to be named onto 1st/2nd teams, etc…)and for the $35.00 entry fee per team that played in today’s tournament.


·    I hope this will be a productive and enjoyable tournament for all, and thanks again for participating.




                                                                                    Scott A. Long