Fall Meeting- October 17, 2006


*  President Scott Long called the meeting to order at 7:18. Scott welcomed

everyone and briefly explained the papers that were available that contained various information. Scott then presented the JV tournament trophies.


* Introduction of new coaches-

                        Emma Harrison- Springboro

                        Linda                 - Northwestern

                        Todd Anderson – Wayne

                        Andrea Toney – Tipp City

                        Bill Herzog – Catholic Central


* Congratulations to the following State Qualifiers:

            Beavercreek – Shyma Ramalingam (D1 Singles)

            Tipp City – Leah Donoff (D2 Singles)

Oakwood- Cara Wald (D2 Singles)

            CJ- Emily and Molly Buerschen (D1 Doubles)

                   Christie and Katie Pleiman (D1 Doubles)

            Fenwick – Caitlin O’Gara and Maggie Sullivan (D2 Doubles)

            Alter- Lisa Graul and Andrea Neidkamp (D2 Doubles)


*Congratulations to those who were present in the Sate Poll:

            Division 1 – CJ (4th), Centerville (12th)

            Division 2 – Oakwood (6th), Miami Valley (11th)


*Membership Cards- These are new for our association and will use a sticker system.

Reminder that it is $15.00 to join for EACH season, even if you coach both girls and boys. Scott also has the website on the card, and encouraged everyone to make use of the site as all the forms and any information you might need is on the website.


* Conference Winners for Girls Season were announced:

            SWBL – Southwest- Oakwood

                           Buckeye- Dixie

            GWOC- North- Troy

                           South- Miamisburg

                           Central- Centerville

            CBC- Kenton Trail- Bellefontaine

                       Mad River- Northwestern

            GGCL- Gray- CJ


* Thank you to Dave Hartsock for conducting the Area Poll, and to Brian Jones, Brenna

Bretscher, Rhonda Rains,and Eric Lenski for helping at the various tournament/scrimmage sites.


* Girls scrimmage -  Discussion concerning how coaches felt about the scrimmage was

favorable, and it was decided to keep it for next year. The scrimmage will be held on the 1st day play is allowed by the OHSAA.


* Treasurer’s Report- There is approximately $5500.00 in the account. The awards for

the fall still have to paid for.


* Nominations for the Wilson Trust are needed. Sharon Paul suggested that the Trust be

given in the fall as to aid for winter court time. Scott agreed to look into this possibility.


* Donation Letters to Parents: If you have not passed these out, please do so at your

awards program. These are our main source of income besides the raffle. We have collected $140.


* Awards Program Raffle: Thank you to Dale Bowman for gathering many of the items

for the raffles at past banquets. We are still in need of items.  Letters are available showing the Association as a non-profit if anyone needs them.


* OCTA News:

Reminder about the OCTA Gold and Silver Racquet Awards. Gold Award goes to a senior with 3.75 or higher GPA and 2 varsity letters. Silver Award goes to junior with 3.75 or higher GPA and 2 varsity letters.


* MVTCA Academic Awards are for seniors who have earned 2 varsity letters and 3.5 or

higher GPA.


* There is a Rules Interpretation Meetings on February 13, 2007, at Fairborn High

School, at 7:15pm.


* Hall-of-Fame Update – Arrangements are still being worked out for Beth Herr. She will

be inducted this fall, but arrangements are trying to be made to have her do a

clinic for local players at a later date.


*Voting – Reminder that in the voting meetings, only one vote per school is allowed, and

that pictures of all selected to First Team, Coach of the Year, President’s Award, and any other special awards need to be sent to Charlie Painter as soon as possible.



            (1) The idea of a JV phone list was discussed.

            (2) Adding Michelle DaCosta and Anne Plessinger to the list of consideration for

induction to the Hall of Fame was discussed. The Hall of Fame Committee will look into this suggestion.

            (3) Suggestion was made that the Hall of Fame committee create a nomination

sheet to be used.

(4) Winter meeting is scheduled. Date will be on the website.


* Coaches split into their rooms to vote for All-Area.