Scott Long- Centerville                       Eric Lenski- Miamisburg                     Sean Ridley- Miamisburg

Tim Vogeli- Fairmont                           Lance Erickson- Bellbrook  Kristy Sherman- Lehman

Wes Rodenberg- Tipp City                Brandon Deskins- Urbana                  Dean Grisso- Northmont

Eric Houston- Carroll                           Vin Romeo- Miami Valley   Gary Gevedon- Alter

Ted Dooley- Stivers                            Charlie Painter- Beavercreek              John Entner- Cedarville

Joe Haupt- Trotwood Madison         Dennis Kiser- Greenville                     Mark Goldner-  Troy

John Kuhns- Vandalia Butler             Kim Gilbert- Oakwood                         Dale Bowman- Waynesville

Steve Reed- Wilmington                     Terry Miller- Fairborn                          Roger Eberly- West Carrollton

Jim Brooks- CJ                                      Tom Kishpaugh- Carlisle                    John Kirk- Oakwood

Mark Jones- Miami Valley  Ray Gariepy- Miami Valley Rory Korzan- Springboro

Beth Raber- Catholic Central              Sherri Bennett- Kenton Ridge




*  President Scott Long called the meeting to order at 7:10. Scott welcomed

everyone and did a brief introduction of the officers who were present. Scott also extended his thanks to Tim Vogeli for the use of his room.


* Conference Winners for Boys Season were announced:

            SWBL – Southwest- Oakwood

                           Buckeye- Waynesville

            GWOC- East- Beavercreek

                           West- Vandalia Butler

            CBC- Kenton Ridge

            GCL- Alter

            MML- North- Greenville

                        South- West Carrollton

            Ohio Heritage- Cedarville


* State Qualifiers were announced. All of this year’s participants hail from Division 2:

            Oakwood- Nick Roessner

            Waynesville- Ben Roser

            Alter- Tom Graul and Chris Riccardella


* Thank you to Jim Brooks for conducting the Area Poll, Rory Korzan for organizing the

scrimmage, and to Mike Laughlin, Dave Hartsock, and Eric Lenski for running the JV tournaments.


* The new web-site is up and running. Check it out at www.MVTCA.OCTA.US/Home


* Treasurer’s Report- There is approximately $3000.00 in the account.


* Important Dates:

            June 6 – 7:00pm - Boys Awards at Fairmont High School

            August 14- 8:30am – Girls Scrimmage

            September 23 – 8:30am – Girls JV Tournament

            October 17 – 7:00pm – Girls Voting Meeting at Centerville High School

            November 7 – 7:00pm – Girls Awards at Centerville High School

* The following schools are confirmed for the OTCA State Team Tournament in the fall.

               Division 1                                   Division 2

            Beavercreek                             Alter

            Centerville                                Carroll

            Chaminade Julienne                  Cincinnati Country Day

            Colerain                                   Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

            Fairmont                                   Indian Hill

            Kings                                       Mariemont

            Lakota East                              Miami Valley

            Loveland                                  Oakwood

            Mason                                      Seven Hills

            Miamisburg                              Summitt Country Day

            Milford                         Wyoming

            Mother of Mercy                      Milton Union


            St. Ursula




            Walnut Hills


* The following schools are confirmed for the MVTCA Girls Scrimmage and JV

tournaments next fall. If you are not on the list, and would like to be contact Scott Long ASAP:

                        Scrimmage                               JV Tournament

                        Milton Union                            Milton Union

            Middletown                              Centerville

            Miami Valley                            Miami Valley

            Miamisburg                              Miamisburg

            Carlisle                         Alter

            CJ – A                                     CJ

            CJ – B                                     Carroll


            Troy Christian

            Beavercreek- A

            Beavercreek- B           


* The Girls Scrimmage will consist of 3 randomly selected pro-set matches. The teams

will be pooled, and those with an A and B team will be in different pools. Coaches will be invited to the meeting where the teams are split into pools.


* Scott suggested that future meetings and awards programs be moved to Centerville  

High School. No one objected.


* There was one nomination submitted for the Wilson Trust. It was passed to Ann Hilton

for review.

* Donation Letters to Parents: If you have not passed these out, please do so at your

awards program. These are our main source of income besides the raffle. During the Girls season, $185 was collected, while $250 has been collected during the boys.


* Awards Program Raffle: Thank you to Dale Bowman for gathering many of the items

for the raffle at the Girls Awards this past fall. We are still in need of items for the Boys Awards Program. Letters are available showing the Association as a non-profit if anyone needs them.


* OCTA News:

-          OCTA Applications were available and are accessible on-line.

-          The State Team Tournament Draw should be on-line soon

-          Reps are as follows:

DI Girls- Vin Romeo – Miami Valley

D2 Girls- Karen Kelly – St. Xavier

D1 Boys- Charlie Painter - Beavercreek

                                    D2 Boys- Mike Teets –

-          Items that will be brought to the OCTA include the following:

(1)   Adding a 2nd scrimmage to be played at any time during the season

(2)   Set practice times for State Qualifiers at the Stickney Tennis Center

(3)   Sectionals allowing a 3rd doubles team in place of 2 singles spots.

-          Reminder about the OCTA Gold and Silver Racquet Awards. Gold Award goes to a senior with 3.75 or higher GPA and 2 varsity letters. Silver Award goes to junior with 3.75 or higher GPA and 2 varsity letters.


* MVTCA Academic Awards are for seniors who have earned 2 varsity letters and 3.5 or

higher GPA.


* There are Rules Interpretation Meetings for the up-coming school year. Dates for local

meetings are : August 24 at Fairmont High School, and February 13, 2007, at Fairborn High School. Both start at 7:15pm.


* A proposal was made in the winter meeting to check into holding a summer league

that would consist of open court play supervised by an area coach. Players would be able to sign up on-line. The goals of this idea were to help develop some of the area players as well as act as a fundraiser for the MVTCA. There are some legal issues that need to be looked into, so the idea has been postponed and will not occur this summer.





* Hall-of-Fame Update – Arrangements are still being worked out for Beth Herr. Ideally

she would be able to attend the fall awards program, however, other ideas are being considered. There are currently 3 nominations for the spring that being reviewed by the Hall-of-Fame committee.


* The meeting was adjourned at 7:40, so that coaches could split into their rooms to vote

for All-Area.