Miami Valley Tennis Coaches’ Association

MVTCA                                                                                                                      President: Scott Long

1485 Delynn Drive                                                                                                       VP Boys: Dave Hartsock

Centerville, Ohio 45459                                                                                                VP Girls: Jim Brooks

937.436.0710                                                                                                              Secretary: Eric Lenski                                                                                   Treasurer: Brenna Bretscher




Minutes:  February 15, 2006 meeting


The Winter MVTCA meeting was called to order by President Scott Long at 7:05pm, on Wednesday, February 15, 2006, at Fairmont High School.


-Scott Long welcomed everyone.

-Scott explained the forms passed out to coaches as they entered which included

Upcoming Dates- yellow form. Dates include all meetings and tournaments

through the 2006 Girls season. The USTA qualifier is approaching, but does not include Greene County which is in Springfield and occurs at a later date. The OTCA clinic is March 5-6, with some activities on March 4. Need to be an OCTA member to participate in the State Team Tournament.

Phone Directory- please send any corrections to Scott ASAP

Donation Letter- has been re-formatted to be a generic letter to be used by both girls and boys coaches. It is

suggested that coaches give these out at parent meetings. The fall season did not get a good response. These donations are crucial to our organization.

Wilson Charitable Trust- blue form. Award is given in the spring. The deadline date for nominations is

April 30.

-Boy’s Sectional Tournament Changes- The Dayton Sectionals are a day earlier (D1- Thursday, May 11;

D2 – Wednesday, May 10). There will be no prelim matches before these dates. Both Sectionals will be at Centerville High School.  

-Introduction of new coaches- Kristy Sherman (Sidney Lehman)

-Congratulations were extended to Vin Romeo on his induction into the OCTA Hall of Fame.



-Minutes from the Fall meeting were discussed. A motion was made to accept the minutes, and was seconded by

Vin Romeo. Motion passed unanimously.

-Treasurer’s Report: balance is currently around $4600.00. There are 5 schools that still owe money from

tournaments. All girls’ dues are paid. Currently, there are 12 boys coaches paid. Reminder that to be able to

vote for All-Area Teams, dues must be paid before or at the Voting Meeting.

-Gold and Silver Racquet Awards from the State were discussed and forms made available to interested coaches.

-State Rules Meeting- There is no mandatory meeting for the boy’s season. There will be one required for the

2006-2007 school year. These will start in the summer.

-Weekly Poll- Thanks were extended to Dave Hartsock for his work on compiling the weekly poll for the girls

 season. It was strongly recommended that more coaches need to be involved in sending their votes/opinions

 to make the poll more accurate. We are looking for someone to conduct the boy’s poll. –Jim Brooks has since

 offered to do the Boy’s Poll.  All MVTCA Members will be given a chance to vote – Please take the time

 each week to email or call in your vote – More info to follow.

-Hall of Fame – Due to scheduling issues, Beth Herr will be inducted into the Hall of Fame next fall as her schedule

 permits. Coaches are eligible to be inducted at the Spring Awards Night.



-Scott has developed a website for our association. It is up and running, but still has areas under construction. All forms for tournaments and awards will be able to be accessed at this site, as well as the minutes from meetings. This will help lower our postage and copying costs.

-The following changes to our constitution were recommended and discussed:

            (1) Recommended that all nominations for the Hall of Fame be submitted in

writing instead of simply verbalized at our meetings. This will hopefully increase the number of people nominated, as well as lessen any sour feelings on our membership. The criteria for a coach was discussed to include any, but not necessary, all of the following: service to any of the coaching associations, length of career, win/loss record, State qualifiers, and OCTA tournament results.


Motion was made to accept this change by Vin Romeo, seconded by Dave Hartsock, and passed unanimously.


            (2) Recommended that in regards to voting for All-Area awards, each school is

allowed only one vote, even if both the Varsity and JV coach are paid members of MVTCA. This will prevent schools from having an unfair advantage in voting.


            Motion was made to accept this change, and seconded by Vin Romeo, and passed



- Super Sectional – The idea was discussed at the Fall meeting. Dave Hartsock spoke in

regards to the idea of a Super Sectional. The idea benefits those middle teams because the better teams will be more evenly split between the sites. Columbus has this in place, and Cincinnati is also looking into the idea.  The Southwest District Board has no problems with this occurring. Steps to be taken to see if this will occur included: 1) letter signed off by Building Principal, Athletic Director, and coaches for both boys and girls, 2) this data will need to be compiled and sent to the SW District board, 3) the SW District Board makes their decision based on the data. Their decision is not simply a majority rule. It needs to be an overwhelming majority of the schools to agree in order for this to occur.

The SW District Board has even gone as far to say that this is not an all or nothing idea. Girls could do this, and Boys not. Division 1 could do this, and Division 2 not.  If this occurs, everyone would meet together to start the Sectional Draw. Once teams have decided where to play, each site would then split to seed the players. It is suggested that sectional line-ups be made and available to the coaches before teams decide where they will play. Dave and Scott will start sending letters to get the process rolling.

-Summer League idea- A fundraiser idea was discussed in which coaches would

volunteer their courts and time during the summer to allow players to meet and play one another for a minimal fee ($5). It was mentioned that Springfield runs something like this through the USTA. Problems discussed were how to match up the players and liability issues. One question asked was if any clubs are already doing this. The point was made that this idea really is targeting those intermediate players who might not be affiliated with a club.


-OCTA- Sharon Paul brought up that the OCTA has a proposal which would allow

schools to enter players into sectionals differently that the standard 3 singles and 2 doubles teams format. If passed, the proposal would allow a school to enter 1 singles players, and 3 doubles teams if they choose.


-Discussion took place in regards to the Oakwood-Indian Hill incident and if there were

any updates on any actions taken. The incident was reported to the OCTA President. IT was voted to not just hand the matter over to the OHSAA, but to work in addition to the OHSAA in investigating the issue. Letters have been sent, and the complaint filed. No further action has taken place.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.




Scott Long – Centerville                       Eric Lenski – Miamisburg

Dave Hartsock – Oakwood                  Jim Brooks – CJ

Tim Voegeli – Fairmont                        Rich Moore – Fairmont

John Entner – Cedarville                       Tom Joch – Dayton Christian

Kristy Sherman – Sidney Lehman         Dean Grisso – Northmont

Vin Romeo – Miami Valley                   Mark Goldner – Troy

Dennis Kiser – Greenville                      Sharon Paul – Milton Union

Tom Kishpaugh – Carlisle                     Eric Houston – Carroll


Those who called and/or email their regrets to attend the meeting:


Steve Reed – Wilimngton                      Brian Jones - Centerville

Sherri Bennett – Kenton Ridge  Sean Ridley - Miamisburg

Beth Raber – Sp. Catholic Central        Brenna Bretscher - MVS


Upcoming Important dates:


Boy’s JV 2006 MVTCA Open:  Sat., April 29, 2006 @ 8:30 am


Spring MVTCA Meeting (Boy’s Voting): Tues., May 23, 2006 @ 7pm, Kettering-Fairmont HS,

                                                                              Room 217.


Spring Awards Night: Tues., June 6, 2006 @ 7pm, Kettering-Fairmont HS.


Girl’s Varsity 2006 MVTCA Open Scrimmage: Monday, Aug. 14, 2006 @ 8:30 am


Girl’s JV 2006 MVTCA Open: Saturday, Sep. 23, 2006 @ 8:30 am


Fall MVTCA Meeting (Girl’s Voting): Tues., Oct. 17, 2006 @ 7pm, Kettering-Fairmont HS,

                                                                              Room 217.


Fall Awards Night: Tues., Nov. 7, 2006 @ 7pm, Kettering-Fairmont HS.