*  President Scott Long called the meeting to order at 7:10. Scott welcomed

everyone and briefly explained the papers that were available that contained various information.


* Introduction of new coaches-

                        John Marrinan – Xenia Varsity Boys

                        Nancy Anderson – Vandalia Butler JV Boys, Varsity Girls


*Membership Cards- These are new for our association and will use a sticker system.

Reminder that it is $15.00 to join for EACH season, even if you coach both girls and boys. Scott also has the website on the card, and encouraged everyone to make use of the site as all the forms and any information you might need is on the website.


* Treasurer’s Report- The present amount was not known exactly at this time, but the amount is continuing to climb. The account is in such good standing, the idea of awarding a scholarship was brought up by Scott (Idea by Brenna). The idea is to give out 1 scholarship each season starting next fall; titled the MVTCA Scholarship. Dave Hartsock motioned that the scholarship idea be approved, seconded by many. Details of the scholarship that were passed unanimously are as follows:

                        (1) One scholarship of $250 to be awarded per season.

                        (2) Must be a senior

                        (3) Be a part of the tennis program at any level for at least 2 years

                        (4) award will be based on financial need

                        (5) Coach must be a member of the MVTCA

                        (6) a committee will be formed to review the applicants and make the



* Updated phone lists were available. Corrections were taken from the floor.


* Important upcoming dates sheet was available. Rules Interpretation is set for tomorrow,

February 13, at Fairborn Baker. Call Tim Vogeli if weather is bad to check for postponement.


* Nominations for the Wilson Trust are needed. Contact Scott for more details.


*The website,   mvtca.otca.us/home   is ever-expanding. Everything you would need from dates and forms is included on the website. Those who still owe entry fees, as well as those who are entered in the scrimmages/tournaments are on the website.


* Hall-of-Fame – Nomination letters describing why person should be selected need to be

given to Scott who will share these with the committee.





* The weekly poll is being complied by Jim Brooks for the boys season, and Dave

Hartsock will conduct the poll for the girls in the fall. Please e-mail your thoughts to these two so our poll is a true reflection of our area. It also helps if all matches are reported to the Dayton Daily News.


* Dayton Daily News has a column in the Varsity Section for win-loss records of your

players. You are encouraged to get the individual records of your players submitted weekly. Players and Parents like to see their name in print! Simply call, e-mail, or fax your info to the DDN Sports Department.


* Boys Season Info-

            -Seed Meeting is April 29 at 3:00. This is a universal, state-wide day and time.


* Proposal to the Constitution: Coaches that join only when they have a player who might

be recognized must join within 3 years of when they started coaching to have any players honored. If the coach’s membership has been random over their career, then a one-year probation will be issued and they will not have any kids honored at that time. After much discussion, this idea was tabled for the time being.


* Super Sectional Information was  handed out by Dave Hartsock and much discussion

took place. The idea is to combine the Troy and Dayton sectional teams into one large pool known as the Miami Valley Sectional. The top 4 teams in each division would then get to pick where they would want to play (either Dayton or Troy locations). After that, teams would be able to pick where their team would go according to draw results. The ultimate goal is to have the four best players from the Miami Valley qualify for Districts with a more true seeding, therefore giving them a better opportunity at qualifying for State. This issue will be voted on by Principals, Athletic Directors, and Coaches. (Side-note: This might be forced upon us anyway by the SW District eventually. It has already happened in many other sports.) Coaches were allowed to vote tonight, if they desired.


*FTGOTO – If you would like to schedule matches, here is a chance to do so!



Scott Long – Centerville

Eric Lenski – Miamisburg

Eric Houston – Carroll

Jim Brooks – CJ

John Kuhns – Butler

John Entner – Cedarville

Kristy Sherman – Lehman

Tom Kishpaugh – Carlisle

Todd Anderson – Wayne

Tim Vogeli – Fairmont

Wes Rodenberg – Tippecanoe

Dave Hartsock – Alter

Tyrone Turner – Middletown

John Marrinan – Xenia

Bill Herzog – Catholic Central

Vin Romeo – Miami Valley

Nancy Anderson – Butler

Sean Ridley – Miamisburg

Rhonda Rains – Wayne

Mike Laughlin – Centerville